Monday, February 3, 2014

Take Your Cleanse to the Next Level

These 5 little wonders will help you take your cleanse to a whole new level...

1. Peppermint - in tea (mild) or capsule (intense) form to relieve bloating and soothe the digestive tract

2. Dandelion - as an astringent tea or coffee substitute to reduce fluid retention and support the liver

3. Milk thistle - in capsule form (we like 'Flordis Legalon') to help the liver regenerate and clear toxins

4. Probiotic - in capsule or powder form (or as kefir, if you prefer) to boost gut flora and immunity, and relieve bloating

5. Fibre - not for everyone as it can cause bloating, but if you tolerate fibre, add your preferred powder into a juice or smoothie to help clear out your digestive tract
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