Friday, October 26, 2012

Stress. The lowdown. The remedies.

Stress is a funny thing. For many of us, it's a daily occurrence. We all know the signs – a weight on our shoulders, a tightness in our chests, an uneasy feeling in our stomachs...

But how does it really affect us and what can we do about it?


Busy schedules
Big life changes
Anxiety disorders
Chronic illness


Muscular tension – particularly jaw, neck and shoulders
Breathing difficulties – shallow breathing, panic attacks
Excessive perspiration
Digestive troubles – bloating, heartburn, knotted stomach, cramps, IBS
Skin breakouts
Disturbed sleep


Persistent insomnia
Adrenal exhaustion – 'fight or flight' becomes a knee-jerk reaction
Reduced energy levels – 'wired but tired' feeling (see above)
Chronic illnesses – often involving the nervous or digestive system
Poor absorption of nutrients, leading to fatigue
Weight loss or gain
Mood disorders


• Live in the NOW. Most stress can be relieved if you stop judging an event through the eyes of the past, in fear of the future. Approach the event in isolation, without sub-text, and focus on the moment with your whole mind and body.

• Let yourself experience the full range of emotions, good and bad. Repressing a feeling buries it deep into your mind and body, and negative emotions have a tendency to rear their ugly heads further down the track. If you feel sad or angry, let the feeling have its place, sit with it for a while. It will pass a lot quicker.

• Don't let your thoughts dictate your happiness. We all do it – wage analytical warfare on our decisions, reasoning through every possible outcome or option until we don't know if we're Arthur or Martha. Next time, go with your gut. You can't always make the 'perfect' decision, just make a decision, and roll with it! Your heart and gut have just as much validity as your thoughts. Give them a chance.

• When you feel your body tensing up, take notice. Pause for a second. Listen. Take a few deep breaths, drink some water, shut your eyes for a minute, then restart.

• Be kind to yourself. You don't need to perform miracles and you can't do everything or be everything to everyone.

• Laugh. It's important to maintain perspective, and see the fun in things.

• Sleep. This one's a no-brainer. Sleep helps. It really is that simple. If you can't get enough shut-eye, try a herbal calmative or, if you have exhausted all natural remedies, speak to your doctor. Nothing you do will heal your mind and body the way sleep will.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Our health AND beauty must-have...

This week, we're sharing with you our latest health AND beauty crush. We know it has been popular for a little while now but we like to wait for the hype to die down before we dish up our verdict.

Please welcome Coconut Oil to the list of UR favourites. Here's why...

Beauty Wonder

Coconut Oil is the a beauty multi-tasker like no other.

We like to use it as a:

Hair mask

Tip: apply between first and second shampoo (to avoid greasy hair), cover hair with a warm towel, leave on for 20 minutes.

Shaving oil

Face wash (think Eve Lom on a budget) - so nourishing you don't even need a moisturiser afterwards!

Make up remover - even safe for eyes

Tip: to remove eye make-up, massage coconut oil onto eyes gently, wet two cotton wool pads with warm water, gently wipe off... repeat until squeaky clean.

Heel balm

Cuticle balm

Massage oil

Body moisturiser

Super Food

Coconut Oil contains EFAs (that's essential fatty acids - great for hair, eyes, skin and cardiovascular health), it's also a fat that helps to burn fat, and it has the added bonus of combatting dysbiosis (overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut) and candida, thus reducing bloating. Brilliant!

You can use it in food as a:

Cooking oil - coconut oil can be heated to a high temperature!

Baking oil

Butter substitute - just spread and enjoy

Smoothie supplement

So there you have it folks. Coconut Oil, a must in everyone's kitchen or bathroom cupboard.

Friday, October 12, 2012

A very different kind of six-pack...

Choose from our eight delicious packs:

the Metabolism Booster $35 per pack
• Ingredients: lemon, cayenne, stevia, water
• Benefits: boosts metabolism and stimulates digestion

the Fat Buster $75 per pack
• Ingredients: pineapple, apple, mint
• Benefits: enhances digestion and reduces bloating

the Supercharged Greens $75 per pack
• Ingredients: cos lettuce, spinach, cucumber, celery, mint, parsley, lemon, ginger
• Benefits: alkalises and cleanses the body, increases energy levels

the Calming Smoothie $75 per pack
• Ingredients: almonds, banana, cacao, chia, water
• Benefits: satisfies a sweet tooth naturally, calms and relaxes

the Zingy Uplifter $75 per pack
• Ingredients: carrot, orange, lemon, ginger
• Benefits: supports immunity whilst soothing digestion

the Breakkie Smoothie $75 per pack
Two of each of the following:
  1. Energising Smoothie
  2. Restoring Smoothie
  3. Healing Smoothie
• Ingredients: please refer to our menu
• Benefits: enhances energy levels and boosts immunity

the Fruit & Greens $75 per pack
Two of each of the following:
  1. Green Pear
  2. Green Apple
  3. Supercharged Greens
• Ingredients: please refer to our menu
• Benefits: alkalizes and cleanses - our fave for sparkly skin!

the Tasting Delight $75 per pack
A lovely mixed pack of our favourite juices.
One of each of the following:
  1. Energising Smoothie
  2. Healing Smoothie
  3. Metabolism Booster
  4. Fat Buster
  5. Zingy Uplifter
  6. Green Pear
• Ingredients: please refer to our menu
• Benefits: increases energy, soothes digestion and enhances overall health

And there you have it. Eight little beauties. You can add them to an existing cleanse order or simply enjoy them alongside a balanced and healthy diet. Drink two a day (just grab'n'go!) or share your Six-Pack with a friend, partner or colleague...