Friday, October 28, 2011

Do you trust your gut?

There’s a reason people say ‘trust your gut’. It doesn’t just digest your food; it’s also a pretty good indication of how you feel in general – mentally, emotionally and physically.

We all know the digestive tract is packed full of yummy enzymes and juices that work on our food to break it down and keep our body going. And we’ve heard enough about the veritable fauna of bacteria in our gut that keep our immune system ticking along when in the right proportions.

What you may not know is that your gut plays host to a vital immune-boosting part of your lymphatic system – the GALT or ‘gut associated lymphatic tissue’, or that almost 90% of the serotonin in your body is located in your digestive tract.

So how you feel, think and act could be more closely related to your gut than you realise! It may be time to tune in and trust what your body is telling you.

Check in next week for our post on the mind-body cleanse connection…

Friday, October 21, 2011

Are you ready to sizzle at the races?


Depending on how much preparation you want to put in, do the following for 3-7 days prior:

1. Eat dinner before 7pm
2. Get to bed before 10pm: more sleep = less fat
3. Cut out sugar and refined carbs (if you haven’t already) – wholegrains OK
4. Avoid yeast in food to beat the dreaded bloat
5. Do a mini-detox (and a tan) for glowing skin!

On the day

Make sure you’re on a winning streak (not just a streak) with these handy tips:

6. Support your liver with a milk thistle supplement in the morning (we like Flordis Legalon)
7. Eat a hearty breakfast: think poached eggs on sourdough or bircher muesli
8. Eat a light meal before you head out – include wholegrains, healthy protein and good fats
9. Drink a glass of water for every glass of bubbly
10. Place your bets sensibly!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Brighten up with our 'Tropical Sunshine Smoothie'

The weather outside is not very spring-like so we're sending a touch of sunshine your way with this gorgeous tropical smoothie. Enjoy for breakkie, as an after-dinner delight, or just because. 

75ml low-fat coconut milk
75ml filtered water
1 medium-sized banana
¼ pineapple or papaya
½ lime, squeezed
30ml noni juice
1 tsp chia seeds

1. Roughly chop fruit
2. Pop all ingredients in a blender
3. Blend for 2-3 minutes
4. Serve in a tall glass
5. Garnish (if you’re feeling fancy)
6. Bottoms up!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to add some kick to your food, the healthy way.

If you're a flavour-seeker and worry healthy food equals no taste, we have some new ingredients that will spice up your food life.

If you like it hot and spicy:

Cayenne – boosts your metabolism
Garlic – fights off bacteria and infection
Ginger – helps soothe upset tummies
Home-made chilli sauce* (just because)
Freshly chopped chillies – nothing beats the real thing!

If you like it sharp and tangy:

Umeboshi vinegar – helps beat the bloat
• Apple cider vinegar – stimulates digestion
Pickled veg

If you like it salty:

• Gomasio – Eden Foods do a great one
Himalayan pink rock salt – your adrenals' best friend
Tamari sauce – like soy sauce but good for you
Liquid amino acids – try Bragg's if you can get your hands on it

If you like it rich and oily:

Extra virgin olive oil – no surprises here
Coconut oil or coconut butter – an oil that helps you lose weight and balances the bacteria levels in your gut! You can even substitute it for butter. Need we say more?
Home-made guacamole

If you like it sweet or creamy:

Manuka honey – more expensive than regular honey but well worth it as it doesn't feed the bad bacteria in your gut!
• Stevia – a bit of a taste divider: some like it, some don't
Nut butters – we like Loving Earth's Raw Organic Coconut Chocolate Butter and Melrose Foods' ABC spread (almonds, brazil nuts and cashews)
Coconut milk

*Super quick recipe for home made chilli sauce: healthy oil + a dash of tomato paste + finely chopped fresh mixed chillies + crushed garlic + rock salt and ground pepper to taste. Yum.