Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Get back on track after Easter

Last week we tweeted some tips on how to get back on track if your healthy living plan has fallen by the wayside (if you're not on twitter, get into it; it's loads of fun).

So if you, like many people, ate your weight in Easter eggs this weekend, you might be interested in some of our tips...

1. Get your peeps into "healthy mode". Try to find one or two others (or more) & make a health pact to eat well & exercise more.
2. Plan & prepare: Go food shopping. Make an exercise plan for the week. Simple, but it works!
3. Engineer your social life: Dinner? Go Japanese. Weekend catch up? Do a run/walk & breakfast instead of a drink. So easy & just as fun.
4. Cut out the nasties - white sugar & white flour, anything fried or too high in saturated fat. Cut down on meat. Go low fat dairy. Eat more fish and vegetarian meals.
5. Zero tolerance: If you're not so good at stopping after one treat, adopt a zero tolerance policy for your vices.
6. Move your ass. Walk, run, swim, bike, yoga, wotevz - just move it! Exercise always inspires you to eat well too so there's a bonus!
7. Eat what you want, but less of it. When zero tolerance doesn't work, try to restrict yourself to only one 500kj treat each day. For example, a snack pack of chips or 20gms of chocolate is about 500kjs.
8. Drink enough water. You might think you're hungry, but if you're not drinking enough water, you're prob thirsty. Aim for 1.5-2 litres per day.
9. Just because there's a cute m&m dispenser at work doesn't mean you need to eat any!
10. Eat an apple 30 mins before lunch. Studies have shown that people consume 15% less kilojoules after an apple. It feels virtuous too!

Hopefully this helps to get you back into "healthy mode". (At least until Anzac Day long weekend anyway!)

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