Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A super yummy recipe for ‘curry in a hurry’

This easy peasy recipe is bound to get your tastebuds sizzling. I’m addicted and make it almost every week in winter (it’s my get-back-on-track ‘curry in a hurry’ – perfect if you have been overindulging in chocolate and pinot gris… not that you would ever do that, of course!).

1 can of light coconut milk
2 heaped tsp of green curry paste
A splash of umeboshi plum vinegar (for flat tummies)
1 can of organic mixed beans
A large handful of green beans
¼ of a winter squash
A small handful of raw cashews
Instant brown rice

Preparation: 5 mins
Peel and roughly chop winter squash into fat chunks
Top and tail green (runner) beans and chop in half
Open cans and drain mixed beans
Prepare instant brown rice

Cooking: 15 mins
Place a wok or large pan on medium heat
Mix the curry paste with a dash of coconut milk in the wok
Add in the veggies, cashews and beans
Throw in the rest of the coconut milk
Add a splash of umeboshi vinegar (for that touch of MasterChef)
Add rock salt and pepper to taste
Simmer for 15 minutes, maybe 20
Check that the squash and beans are cooked
Serve on a bed of brown rice
Add a sprinkle of gomasio if you’re feeling fancy
Et voilà!

4 people OR
2 people twice (almost tastes better the next day!) OR
2 hungry people

Notes to the chef:
You can use red or yellow curry paste if you prefer
If you’re lazy like me, just use whichever veggies are left in your fridge. Sweet potato, baby corn and capsicum taste great in curries too.
 If you’re not feeling the ‘veggie’ part, you can add organic chicken, organic beef, salmon fillets, or prawns.
For those of you who like it hot (read: mouth on fire, eyes watering and sexy sweat beads trickling down your face) you can use up to four heaped teaspoons of green curry paste. I actually used five the other day! This is not for the faint hearted though. I grew up in Asia and I like a kick to my curry.

And there you go. A 20-minute, mouth-watering, tastebud-tingling thai veggie curry. If it’s Friday and you’re feeling naughty, it tastes beautiful with a glass of chilled pinot gris (and followed by a square of dark chocolate). Yum.

Enjoy xx

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