Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boost your immunity this Autumn!

It's that time of year when everyone starts to get sick. You can almost feel the cooler Autumn air climb into your chest and sinus cavities, setting up shop for the season. The tickle in your throat, the night-time cough, the runny nose. Your body is sending you signals, waving a white flag in surrender. But, do you actually take heed and listen?

There are a few simple acts of self-love that can really help you in boosting your immunity and staving off the worst of the season's colds. And the best bit, you won't have to reach for that dreaded and unnecessary dose of anti-biotics.

1) Thyme tea:
Thyme helps calm the non-stop coughing, soothing the throat and relieving headaches. Thyme is an expectorant, which means it helps to shift the mucous build up in the chest. Don't reuse the thyme, use a couple of fresh sprigs for each boil.

2) Hot water, lemon + manuka honey tea:
A classic remedy but one that works. The anti-bacterial honey, the alkalising lemon and of course the warming hot water make this the perfect combination to nourish, hydrate and flush out the flu.

3) Steam:
Boil a big pot of water, add in fresh thyme or eucalyptus oil. With a towel over your head and the pot, inhale the steam for a good 15-20 minutes. This will help break down the congestion.

4) Chicken soup:
The famous chicken soup. The natural anti-biotic. You'll want to cook up a big pot with chicken and bones. It's the fat which is anti-microbial and will give your body energy to heal. Add in lots of nourishing veggies: spinach, leek, kale, carrots, pumpkin, red capsicum, barley, parsley, thyme and a touch of chilli.

5) Sleep:
The best armour against colds and flus. Rest. Now isn't the time to push yourself. Rest, rest, rest. And if sleep doesn't come easily spend some quiet time at home, meditate, do some gentle stretches or wind down in a hot bath.

Don't wait until the last moment when it's too late. Take the time to switch into your body and notice the little clues it’s leaving you. With a little t.l.c you can hopefully skip the flu season altogether!

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