Friday, November 2, 2012

And then they could chew. And it was good.

Urban Remedy is launching a selection of brand spanking new edible 'extras' to complement your detox or enjoy alongside a balanced diet.

As seasoned cleansers, we're all too familiar with that craving to sink your teeth into something in between juices. Yep, you're not alone. We all like to chew. That said, it's not about diving into a packet of biscuits or chomping on a greasy slice of pizza. Nope, think super healthy (but still yummy) detox-friendly chewing.


Activated Almonds 

with organic apple cider vinegar and celtic sea salt

$7.95 for a 100g packet
These crunchy little beauties are soaked overnight to release enzyme inhibitors and then dehydrated for up to 8 hours to give intense flavor. Yum.

with almond meal, almond butter, raw cacao powder, spirulina powder, tahini, sesame seeds, mixed nuts, coconut flakes, natural vanilla extract and liquid stevia

$10.95 for a box of four lovely balls
3 delicious flavours:
- Almond
- Chocolate
- Green

Because we all like to chew but we still want to be healthy. AND it's SO hard to find healthy snacks when you're out and about! Our nifty extras are detox-friendly, super duper healthy and the perfect way to complement your juice cleanse or six pack order.

Nutritionally-speaking, these little beauties are faultless. They contain the perfect amount of protein, good fats and super-nutrients. Our Activated Almonds and AMAZEballs act as an excellent tonic for clear skin, healthy hair and easier digestion. Packed full of antioxidants and alkalizing superfoods, they even help improve mood, increase energy and relieve stress.

Relax. Our extras are free from:

Available to order online next week for delivery from:
Mon November 26th – Sydney
Tues November 27th – Other locations

It's really easy. Just jump online and add them to an existing order. Please note that at this stage they cannot be ordered separately – they are 'extras' to an existing juice cleanse or six pack order. If you love them and are keen to place a BULK order, please email us at

So get chewing and enjoy!

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