Friday, July 15, 2011

10 simple ways to be healthier without much effort

1. Eat slowly. Chew your food well and eat slowly. A handy trick is to put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls and not to pick it up again until you’ve completely finished your mouthful. You’ll enjoy your food more and almost certainly eat a little less.

2. Exercise portion control. Serve yourself a reasonable portion. Eat it (slowly of course). If you still find you’re hungry 20 minutes later, have a little more.

3. Eat everything you like, but do it in moderation. Denying yourself completely is a one way street to Bingeville.

5. Drink warm or hot water with lemon first thing in the morning (at least 30 mins before breakfast). We bang on about this a bit, but it’s a great way to kick start your metabolism and the body’s natural rejuvenation mechanisms.

4. Do at least one ‘swap’ a day. Swap your 2nd coffee for a herbal tea, swap the lift for the stairs, swap a sweet treat for a piece of fruit.

6. Go Meatless on Mondays
 (or any day of the week). Go vego one day a week. It’s good for you and you’ll no doubt surprise yourself by how much you enjoy it and how flavoursome vegetarian meals can be.  

7. Drink more water throughout the day. Try sipping hot water (I love this during winter) or add chlorophyll (aka liquid sunshine) to room temperature water.

8. Up your fruit and veg content with a fresh juice, smoothie or soup each day. If you don’t have a blender or a juicer, invest in one and try your hand at creating smoothie and juice recipes. You’ll be amazed at how many veggies you can pack in with a little bit of fruit.

9. Eat when you’re hungry. Don’t eat if you’re not. Brilliant.

10. Listen to what your body really wants. Often you’ll find that while you automatically think you want a biscuit or cake with your 3pm coffee, your body would actually love a piece of fruit.

All pretty simple stuff really. Share your "be healthy tips without trying" tips on our facebook page or community.


Karina said...

Thank you for all your great Posts Emma. I have done three of your cleanses and think they are fantastic. Thank you. I especially enjoyed doing it during winter with the warm juice/soup additions. I always look forward to your blog posts with recipes ideas for smoothies etc and was wondering if you had any suggestions for healthy hot chocolate or chai alternatives? Even though I enjoy herbal teas its nice to have a comforting drink in winter. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Hi Karina, glad you like our blog and cleanse! Here are a couple of suggestions for hot choc and chai alternatives:

- Hot choc minus the sugar hit: a tsp of raw cacao powder (we like Loving Earth), 1/2 cup of organic milk (or milk alternative), 1/2 cup of water & a splash of agave for sweetness! Yum.

- Swap regular chai for organic green tea chai:

Hope that helps!

Leann said...

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