Friday, July 22, 2011

Emma's last words of wisdom - thoughts on balance

balanceI’ve always been big on the notion of balance, in that we don’t need to be extreme in our behaviour, especially when it comes to health. 

It was only when I fell pregnant that I realised that my idea of balance wasn’t particularly balanced. I was running a demanding business, teaching yoga eight hours a week, practicing yoga 10 hours a week, studying, reading books on wellbeing and nutrition in my spare time, and walking to and from work! And what’s worse, I was feeling guilty for not meditating for 30 mins twice a day and having a pretty serious passion for sugary treats (I feel like the priest confessing to his congregation). What terrible transgressions on my part.

Pregnancy has made me slow down and realise that I can’t do everything. Nor do I need to. It’s ok to sleep in. It’s ok to do nothing. It’s ok to watch reality TV (ok, so I still actually don’t agree with this one, but I’m working on it – apparently there is this fantastic show on foxtel called “My Big Fat Gipsy Wedding” – a must see I’m told). It’s ok to eat pizza (truthfully, I’ve always been fine with this).

So my advice and key learning from the last 8½ months (yes, that makes me massive) - cut yourself some slack and let go a little. Be kind to yourself. Find your own balance.

On that note, I’m about to head off on a very new and important journey and today is my last day. I have no idea how I’m going to fill the next two or so weeks before the baby comes, but they tell me it’s a good idea to slow down and enjoy the solitude while it lasts. That and daily yoga, walks, meditation, preparing the baby’s room, catching up with friends, cleaning the house, stock-piling frozen meals, doing my tax…

I wish you very well on your healthy (or not so healthy journey).

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