Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to add some kick to your food, the healthy way.

If you're a flavour-seeker and worry healthy food equals no taste, we have some new ingredients that will spice up your food life.

If you like it hot and spicy:

Cayenne – boosts your metabolism
Garlic – fights off bacteria and infection
Ginger – helps soothe upset tummies
Home-made chilli sauce* (just because)
Freshly chopped chillies – nothing beats the real thing!

If you like it sharp and tangy:

Umeboshi vinegar – helps beat the bloat
• Apple cider vinegar – stimulates digestion
Pickled veg

If you like it salty:

• Gomasio – Eden Foods do a great one
Himalayan pink rock salt – your adrenals' best friend
Tamari sauce – like soy sauce but good for you
Liquid amino acids – try Bragg's if you can get your hands on it

If you like it rich and oily:

Extra virgin olive oil – no surprises here
Coconut oil or coconut butter – an oil that helps you lose weight and balances the bacteria levels in your gut! You can even substitute it for butter. Need we say more?
Home-made guacamole

If you like it sweet or creamy:

Manuka honey – more expensive than regular honey but well worth it as it doesn't feed the bad bacteria in your gut!
• Stevia – a bit of a taste divider: some like it, some don't
Nut butters – we like Loving Earth's Raw Organic Coconut Chocolate Butter and Melrose Foods' ABC spread (almonds, brazil nuts and cashews)
Coconut milk

*Super quick recipe for home made chilli sauce: healthy oil + a dash of tomato paste + finely chopped fresh mixed chillies + crushed garlic + rock salt and ground pepper to taste. Yum.

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