Thursday, March 29, 2012

Green smoothie heaven!

We’ve been busy bees testing new recipes for the autumn/winter ’12 menu, even thinking as far ahead as spring/summer! There are some mouth watering treats heading your way soon and to get you in the mood, we thought we’d share one of them with you… This super green coco and vanilla smoothie is low in carbs (no apple or orange in sight) and high in essential fatty acids (yep, fat that’s good for you).

½ avocado
1 medium-sized banana
1 tbsp desiccated coconut (or 2 tbsp fresh coconut meat)
1 whole vanilla pod* (or 1 tsp natural vanilla essence)
1 tsp black or white chia seeds
150ml water

*You can put the vanilla pod in whole or scoop out the inside.

Chuck all ingredients in blender

If you want a bit of zing you can add the juice of half a lime. And if you're feeling posh, garnish with mint and raspberries. Voilà!

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