Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let’s get green together.

Our Supercharged Greens 6-Packs are just what they say on the label: 6 x 450ml Supercharged Green Juice, designed by Lee Holmes, wholefoods chef, author and creator of Supercharged Food.

The recipe is fruit-free (yep, nothing but veggies and a dash of lemon in this bad boy!)... so if you're not used to drinking green juice, we suggest you try a fruitier option, or our Level 1 Beginners Cleanse.

You can order our Supercharged Greens 6-Packs to accompany a detox, to enjoy as an intensive green cleanse, or simply to complement a healthy diet.

What’s in the juice?
8 lovely ingredients are all it takes:
Cos lettuce

Why go green? 
Green juice is a master healer. Lee swears by it, and so do we. It looks how it makes you feel: vibrant and alive. Just one big glass (or bottle) a day can help bring your body back to an alkaline state (an acidic body is the perfect host for disease, so alkaline is where it’s at). Leafy greens support the detoxification process; they’re also great for your skin and help combat ageing (bye bye free radicals). Mint and ginger enhance digestion and help combat the dreaded bloat, whilst lemon provides a kick-start to your metabolism. Parsley contains anti-oxidising vitamin C and spinach gives you a lovely dose of iron.

A juice with some serious benefits
It’s quick, it's easy. But this juice is in for the long haul.

Our Supercharged Green Juice helps to:
Enhance digestion
Reduce inflammation
Brighten your skin
Improve energy levels
Support detoxification
Alkalise the body

Like all of our juices, these little green beauties are easily absorbed thanks to our cold-pressing method, which breaks down the cell walls of those lovely veggies, delivering them in a pre-digestible state, and helping those nutrients reach your system as quickly as possible.

Our 6-Packs of Supercharged Greens are the easiest way to get your nutrient hit of alkalising green veggies without any fuss (leave that to us). We know this one will leave you bright, bouncy and super clean from the inside out.

Our Supercharged Greens are available to order online now.


Anonymous said...

Hi laura :)

Just wondering when it is best to drink the juices? Can I have the juice as a snack between meals? Or does it have to replace a meal?

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for your Q. The juices can be enjoyed as an intensive fruit-free cleanse (6 juices per day as a substitute to food) or simply alongside a healthy diet (with or in between meals). Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

how long will the juices last in the fridge?

Anonymous said...

They have the same fridge life as our other juices - 72 hours (3 days). :)

Anonymous said...

Omg finally A cleanse from ur website that suits me! Can you deliver to melbourne?? Please say yes. And is the price as normal for a one day cleanse - 75 dollars?

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for a fructose-intolerant friendly cleanse but didn't realise you don't deliver to hobart!

Anonymous said...

We do deliver to Melbourne :) however due to the special packaging that we use, the minimum number of days (packs) that can be ordered is 2. The price for 2 days is $150 ($75 per day).

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we do not deliver to Hobart at this stage, though we will undoubtedly in the future. We will send out an email to our database for each new area we service!